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Musings from a nerdy mind.

why yes,the clouds are pretty

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My world is a semi wrapped Pandora's box.
but incase my interests don't clue you in, here are a few sites that just might.
(let's just say I probably update those more than here...I'm boring what can I say?)


slytherin is love
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acting is love
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    Things I like to promote:

007, 18th century, academia, acting, albert wesker, alice in wonderland, american dad, animals, anime, antonio banderas, architecture, art, avians, ball joint dolls, beauty, big cats, bill engvall, bishonen, biting, blue eyes, book stores, british actors, brittish accents, bunnies, butterflies, california, capcom, castles, cathedrals, cherry blossoms, chip coffey, christopher eccleston, cleaning, crafts, dark colors, david tennant, doctors, dogs, dragons, drawing, ears, eddie izzard, elegant hands, eric wareheim, fanfic, fantasy, ferrets, flying foxes, forests, foxes, friends, fushigi yuugi, gothic, gryphons, harry potter, history, horses, hpfics, imagination, inspirations, intelligence, internet, intj, introvert, jack black, james bond, japan, johnny depp, journaling, learning, leather, long hair, lord voldemort, manga, masks, model kits, movies, music, mythological beasts, nekojin, new zealand, north dakota, otters, papercraft, paranormal, philosophy, phoenixes, photobooks, photography, pirates, ponytails, psychology, ralph fiennes, reading, resident evil, rocket pops, roleplaying, roses, science, scottish bagpipes, sean bean, self teaching, seth macfarlan, severus snape, sewing, shiny things, silent hill, silver, sketching, skulls, slash, slytherin, snakes, sprites, spy kids, star trek, storytellers, sudoku, suspenders, swords, tails, tangerines, tarot, tea, the maori, the old west, tim and eric, tim burton, tim gunn, tim heidecker, timothy dalton, tuxedos, umbrella corporation, uniforms, victoria frances, video games, walking, weapons, werewolves, wisdom, wolves, writing, xbox360, yaoi