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Even more

Man it sucks having family sometimes.Especially two that tend to be on the alcoholic scale/spectrum.Okay well one is and the other is well on her way. Seeing as she'sdrinking while taking some sort of antidepressants or anti-anxiety meds.
Everyone who reads knows thats a bad combo. I don't really know what the side effects are; but I also don't want to find out either!
So my sister finally decides on a car that my mom said she'd buy her. Tells my mom "I found one and it's only 32,000$! TEE HEE"
Oh hell fuck no...she was suppose to find a USED car, not a brand-effin- new one!
We still had to pay 12,000 for that car. All because it came from John Elways car lot (broncos football player)
Now we find out the stupid bitch is driving drunk. Not taking her daughter to work or son to school and it's freaking below zero weather in Denver.
*shakes head*
Then turns around "Les, ask mother for a cash loan for me!" So finally I snapped at her that Mom isn't a walking wallet for her anytime she wants money.Bad enough I have an aunt an uncle with their greedy paws out all the freakin time.
Again she asks me. this time she gives me some bull shite story about wanting to leave the state and her ex husband is stalking her. Can't be stalking when she's the one calling him and asking him for money. (so quote the daughter)
     Honestly I wish I was making this upbut i'm not that creative when it comes to family drama.You want some soap opera ideas? contact me and pay me 20$ and i'll give you some heh....
Man what next? Amirite?
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Forgotton yes, but no longer hiding!

Ok so I've decided to stop hiding my journal behind friends only posts.
I don't or didn't use this journal all that much,but like some sort of dark phoenix i've risen from the ashes once more! Heck I always the way
Heh i'm that peice of gum, you somehow failed to see and stepped in to my gooey stickyness. I mean that with love btw.
I actually don't know who still uses LJ frequently.but I pruned my list of people who haven't updated in some years,moved to somewhere else,or just changed journal names; much like I have done in "persuit of findig that right name."  Plus whatever dramas were going on in the past have certainly been forgotton, seeing as even I don't remember if there was any that did or did not deal with me...I think a few years time erased that so here I am, once again.
Othan than my friends know what i've been up to, especially if you're on my facebook!  So where to begin? (like I haven't already????)
Let's see, I turned 35 in Hawai'i. Went there with my family for vacation. Actually this has been the4th time i've gone. Been to Big island,Honolulu. Kona, and Waikoloa. The way it was put to me was "it's just the next county over." Which in terms from California, it is! Fell in love with the weather and tropical feel almost immediatly. Usually around 70 degrees and the clear and pretty to look at! And warm!
and in the words of <ljuser="Alabastard"> and <ljuser="Alabastardragon">: Toidles! gotta love the Toidles heheh.
       Well that's all I can think of to write for now, trying not to overload my poor journal at one go. who knows what will happen?
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I love being a trekkie!

the man known as Peltier has been in prison for crimes he didn't commit. And to see this photo makes me rmember and pray for him. I mean come on now,he's been in prison for a long time and he should be able to breath free air. Everyone else whose done minor things are...I don;t know all the facts but with a heavy heart I pray that the ones who hold him treat him with respect and an open heart. after al he is human even if he is native american.
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It's july!

yaaay i'm still up at 4am....WHY?
but i think I will go to bed now, I like red pandas
I am a nerd I just found that out. I always knew there was a difference between geeek and nerd. and I embrace the nerd part. what you think?
this posr will be publi, something I havent done in a while. Just goes to shoe I want to sttract more friands but lack the social skill somewhat.
But ina ray of hope for me I am going to bed before my brain signs the DNR sheet
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